Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hacienda Tragedy

As usual, one of the few times advertising agents come up with an idea that's actually funny, the public is outraged. Actually, as is typically the case, only one, whiney consumer complaint was enough to pull the plug on this campaign.

Now, I'm on record as advocating that all billboards be burned to the ground and their creators subjected to demoralizing community service of some kind (I hear cleanup at the SPCA works pretty well). But look, if we can't make fun of dizzy religious nuts who off themselves because Simon Says, who CAN we make fun of?

Ah, well. The only thing better than an ad campaign that fails is an ad campaign that explodes like the Hindenburg, in my opinion.

The story, courtesy of G.K. McAbee, is here.


  1. Hey, it's okay, they said the company's message just "came across wrong". After all, they were trying to figure out how to amass a cultlike following to their restaurants.

  2. Not to nitpick, but Jim Jones' caterer actually severed up spiked Flavor Aid, and not Kool-Aid.

    Cheap prick couldn't even spring for the real stuff!