Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally! TV for the Rest of Us!

For those of you who found Robin Leach a little too "trailer park," here comes a new 24-hour network devoted entirely to the lifestyles of your cultural superiors.  Yes, it's Wealth TV, a new cable channel profiling the fabulous homes, country clubs, and vacation spots you'll never get anywhere near in your tiny, miserable, paycheck-to-paycheck life. 

 And if you think the abruptness of the channel's title seems a bit nouveau, get a load of the programming offered:

- Let's Shop: a show about purchases you'll never make.

- Divine Life: a show about wine you can't afford.

- Tales of Castles and Kings: a show about stuff dead rich people used to own.

- Behind the Name: a show about successful brands.

- Envy: more purchases and VIP privileges you'll never get near.

...and many, many more, including what has to be the most wretch-inducing of the bunch, Giving Back: a show celebrating the tax write-offs of these wise and noble kajillionaires, taking time during their flights to Sun City to sign off on sponsorship of inner city midnight basketball.

Wealth TV is notable for offering it's broadcast independantly of other cable system packages.  That is, you can subscribe to it even if you have no other cable channels. After all, you wouldn't want such a regal set of TV shows to have to hobnob with riffraff like Rupert and Oprah.

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