Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Only 100 Tokens

Variety reports that a film based on the '80s Atari game Missile Command is in the works.  My favorite bit in this story is the suggestion that a script will be "adpated" from the game.  I assume this means the main characters will be allowed to die three or four times before the end.

And please tell me they'll have a "Game Over" title before the end credits.

One thing that did find interesting in the story is the news that a View Master movie deal is also under consideration.  I can't imagine the horrors this would result in, but it made me think how wonderful it would be if someone could utilize today's 3D technology to project slideshows of the classic View master reels of old.  I'd pay real money to see big screen presentations of some of those great 3D puppet scenes.

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