Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wear Yourself

Halloween came and went months ago, so I'm not sure why this crossed my mind.  But if you were like me, a kid in the '70s, you hated those Ben Cooper and Collegeville boxed costume sets - the ones with the cheap, plastic mask and the jumpsuit with your character's name and/or image silkscreened on the front in day-glo ink.

And if you're anything like me today, your appreciation for these tacky outfits has blossomed in your old age.

That's why I'm thinking it would be a goldmine for whomever could recreate these dopey old images on t-shirts.  Or has someone already thought of this?

I'm generally anti-t-shirt, but hey.  I'm not completely immune to pop culture nostaligia.

So if somebody out there manages to get a project like this off the ground, let me know.

Cuz I'd buy a shirt with the old Ben Cooper Spider-Man design on it in a heartbeat.

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